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Fangs On Fur C.D.

Image of Fangs On Fur C.D.



This 16 song CD includes the 4 songs from our unreleased EP that were featured on line, as well as a plethora of new and exciting material. This is a limited pressing so get them while they last.

Track Listing:
01. New Coats
02. Fangs On Fur
03. Fire (Wishing Well)
04. Dead Or Alive
05. Worthless
06. F-Boy F-Girl
07. En El Fuego De Tus Ojos
08. Snake
09. Cigarette
10. TV
11. Panic In L.A.
12. Africa
13. Headhunter
14. Blood On The Sand
15. El Conquistador
16. Piracy

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